Kennel Admiravel Griffons, Nathalie Omre and Chippichawa´s Miss Concorde at WDS 2015 in Milan

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About kennel Admiravel


My name is Nathalie and is the breeder behind the kennel prefix "ADMIRAVEL," which is a small kennel, breeding Griffons in a home environment.

Below you can read about my journey until now, and my thoughts on breeding.


I - My love for dogs
II - Responsibility
III - Griffon makes its entrance
IV - My first Griffon
V - Big dog in a small package
VI - From ordinary pet owner to a crazy doglady
VII - insight, patience and the start of the kennel
VIII - What the prefix means?
IX - Breeding plan, goals and values




I - My love for dogs

For as long as I can remember I have loved dogs. As a child I nagged and begged my parents to get a dog of my own...without result.
In the meantime, I had to settle with an outdoor rabbit and to almost every day walk the neighborhood dogs. One of them was a hunting Beagle bitch who initially only had focus on the road forward and the forest. Stubborn and with patience, I managed to teach her little tricks and to get around an agility course.


II - Responsibility

I am very proud to say that when I left home and was able to do whatever I wanted, I abstained for several years to get a dog. Partly of the incredible responsibility I knew it entails, and I was not quite sure what breed that suited me.


III - Griffon makes its entrance

2006 was the year that the Griffon made its entrance into my life for the first time. I was working in a menswear shop and in came a man with the cutest little furry dog ​​I've ever seen ... a black n tan Belge bitch.

In the coming years, I stopped and asked many questions to griffon owners, as soon as I saw one ... which was quite rare considering the breeds anonymity.


IV - My first Griffon

3 years after the introduction of the Griffon and much research about the breed, as well as compararing with the pug. I finally decided to get my first Griffon. Had come to the conclusion that I preferred a black petit male, which was not the easiest to find.

When i finally found him ... it was far up in northern Sweden in the city of Örnskoldsvik, at Anegårdens kennel. The breeder Barbro has been an excellent and supportive breeder, who has always been there to answer those questions I came up with as a inexperienced pet owner.

Thanks you, dear Barbro!

V - Big dog in a small package

Anegårdens Ozzi "Lillebror" (= Little brother) is a wonderful guy and took my heart by storm. From day one, he learned to keep up with the impulsive city life mixed with the tranquility of the suburbs. That my dogs can handle all types of environments, events, people and other dogs is important to me, and that regardless of its small size must learn to stand on their own feet and not be a accosear.

Activities that we have tested on are: Agility, Rally obedience and Weight Pull.

Had at that time no plans of dog shows.


VI - From ordinary pet owner to a crazy doglady

Since we hardly ever saw other griffons, and I had the desire, that "Lillebror" would get the opportunity to play with other Griffos. I began to seek out breeders in Stockholm. One breeder I called was Yasmin Holmgren, Chippichawas kennel. A long conversation, was the start of our wonderful friendship. As a bonus, I was "tricked in" to the show and breeders world, and also got to know the wonderful friend Hannah Hjelm, kennel CHannas. Yasmin and Hanna have shared so much knowledge that would normally take a minimum of a lifetime to learn. These two ladies are really the best, toughest, supportive, thoughtful, most knowledgeable and honest mentors a "youngster" could wish for, whether it be dogs or assistance and advice in life.

VII - insight, patience and the start of the kennel

After 1 year of handling Yasmin dogs at shows, trim lessons by Hanna and training the eye to see the details of the breed, I had got the desire  to get one more Griffon. This time a black Belge bitch, meant for exhibition and possible future breeding. With a cool head, well aware of what I was seeking, it took 4 years before the right puppy according to me was born.

Chippichawas miss Concorde "Skrållan" a happy, boldly, mischievous girl but also with a soft and affectionate side. In my eyes she is of excellent size, good body, well angulated and a head with a wonderful feminine expression and attitude.

"Skrållan" is supposed to be the foundation bitch for kennel ADMIRAVEL.
She has gone through the health test: eyes clear, patella 0/0 and clear SM results.

In the showring she have had a fantastic debutant year 2015 with the results:

NORD W-15, JWW-15, EURO JW-15, SE JW-15, 

2016 have strated with card winnings at Crufts, 2nd in limited and 3rd in Open.

Compleating Swedish and Finnish Champion titels.


VIII - What the prefix means?

ADMIRAVEL (Admira'vel) is Portuguese and means admirable. The choice of a prefix in Portuguese is because of my Brazilian origins and the meaning is according to me a fair description of griffonens powerful but elegant square body, expressive face and happy, loyal, brave and oh somewhat egocentric temperament.

Going forward, I hope of course that the griffons, I will eventually manage to breed, will be just admirable ;)


IX - Breeding plan, goals and values

There are black griffons of English Cobby type is what I prefer, but the foundation will always be a healthy individual with nice typical for the breed temperament.

To ensure the breed interest of good health , I strive to use dogs that have undergone health tests for the status of Syringomyelia " SM/CM " ( MRI ) , eye diseases and patella luxation.

Griffon is a difficult breed to breed and even more difficult when you are careful and choosy regarding the type and see the typical details of the breed.

My breeding plan is to only make combinations where I have the ambition to keep a puppy, or sell with the hope that in the future have the opportunity to borrow the animals back to my breeding program.

Today we see such an uneven breed quality that in many cases differ too much from the breed standard, then you need to be self-critical regarding one's own dogs if they really are good representatives for going further in breeding and to carefully select combinations in which the individuals complement each other shortcomings.

It is equally important not to overuse breeding males. That along with informing buyers of mainly males, not to castrate good individuals. This is vital for a broader breeding stock and to preserve the Griffon looks and behaves like a Griffon and that generations to come will experience these beautiful beloved family members.



My main breeding mottos:

Health and good temperament

Quality and not quantity




Kennel Admiravel griffons